Our Company

The ACLIP company produces a revolutionary system for the application of jewellery in the hair, the only object in the world that can be hooked in roots / length / ends, without hindering the gait of the fold and respecting the health and well-being of the hair.

The idea comes from the creative mind of Daniele Montariello, a professional hairdresser born in Naples, where he started his professional career. His constant need for renewal led him to England where he went to work when he was very young, first in London and then in Bristol.

He also worked in Paris, the world’s fashion capital, where he was employed in a shop on the Champs-Élysées, then again on cruise ships in the Caribbean. Over the years, he has continued to improve his handiwork with training courses,  by opening stores and trying different experiences in the field of fashion.

Such  heterogeneous experiences led him to create ACLIP, taking into account customers’ needs who always follow new trends to improve and personalize their look. While creating hairstyles for his clients, Daniele realized that a useful tool was missing to safely insert jewellery in his customers’ hair, thus creating unique and inimitable styles.

For the realization of ACLIP, the company avails itself of the experience of a leading company in the goldsmith sector, namely ARETINA ORO based in Arezzo.


AT: Bugnion S.p.A.
Viale A. Gramsci 42
50132 Firenze

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