The 9 hair trends 2023 according to the most important hair stylists and which products to use.

If 2022 was a year of decisive cuts and experimentation with new styles, what will be the major hair trends in 2023? Into the new year we will keep the same playful approach, trying out new cuts, colors and styling tricks, formulas and accessories in an attempt to reinvent ourselves a bit. At least according to the opinions of some of the most important hairstylists in the world, who here reveal the hair trends which, according to their forecasts, will be the most popular in 2023.

Let's see together what they say on the web, the major information magazines and Style.

- Artistic Smooth

The artistic approach to styling is back in fashion and professionals in the sector are giving new impetus to their creativity. Luke Hersheson says there will be extreme stylining, gelled smooth up-dos and choreographed hairdos for events as seen on Lily James at the British Fashion Awards. Hersheson recommends using creamy products for preparation.

- Scalp care

It's raising awareness of the importance of scalp health," says Jen Atkin. With searches for the term "scalp treatment" on Pinterest up 70 percent, it seems we're all on the hunt for effective formulas. Scalp care is essential to have healthy and shiny hair.Anti-dandruff products and those with Micro-Peeling Cellulaire are essential.

- The Box Bob

Bobs are still very much in vogue and Syd Hayes predicts that the "box" style – which differs from the classic bob by blunt ends, which create a sort of even wave that hugs the chin – will be one of the most popular for the 2023. Less scaling and more straight lines and angles. The advice is to use quality straightening plates. Nai'Vasha also advises not to analyze this style too much.

 - Long hair in style

The difference from the past, says Hersheson, is that now, instead of letting them air dry with an undone effect (which, it's worth noting, is still part of our routines), we're moving towards a more refined aesthetic.

- Side Row

George Northwood says "It's a good time to pick up the deep parting on the side, it makes everything suddenly look fresh and new, especially the bob" Elegance to sexiness with a little tweaking as an example, Alexa Chung, whose latest sideparted looks, they are enriched by a precious clasp.

- Wet look

“Ultra-glossy, incredibly shiny, wet-look hair is a trend that's going to spread everywhere in 2023,” says Northwood, who created a shimmery wet look on Alicia Vikander for the Cannes Film Festival this year. A day-to-night look that can work on any hair type. To achieve this we focus on hair hydration.

- Sculptural braids

Mensah reveals: "In 2023 we will see different hairstyles with braids like sculptures" Gabrielle Union showed off a very impressive flower-shaped braid on the red carpet.

- 70s curtain fringe

The most requested in salons, it can be marked or long fringed it is always cool just change the hairstyle to modify it slightly ... according to Hersheson.

- Mullet 2000

Never decayed in recent years, it will be due to its practicality that the hairstylist Lilli Bridger suggests leaving the ends alive around the face in a "flicky" style.

Original article on VOGUE Italy. Learn more with Daniele Montariello at his salon in Grosseto and get advice from his experience also for the care and maintenance of your hairstyle. Try ACLIPHAIR accessories and play with your look.



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