The 5.5 cm rule to find the length that suits you best

interesting method found around the web. It is the TikTok method (already viral) to understand if long or short hair suits your face more. Here's how it works. Short hair/long hair. For many beauty addicts, this sort of hair yo-yo has become a current practice. The problem is that it is difficult to establish which length best suits our face, which results in an exhausting succession of experiments in search of a definitive solution. All this, however, without taking into account Tik Tok and its thousand and one beauty tips. Amy Chang, content creator on the platform, has dusted off a foolproof technique to finally know what to choose between short and long. Called the "2.25-inch rule" (or 5.5 centimeters), this ingenious gimmick racked up more than 1.5 million likes in just a few days.

The method is based on a simple length calculation. To put it into practice, two pencils are enough. One should be placed horizontally under the chin, the other vertically at the base of the earlobe, so that together they form a perpendicular angle (90°). The point of intersection is the key to the 5.5cm rule: just measure the distance between your earlobe and the intersection of the two pencils to find out which hair length is best for you. If the distance exceeds 5.5 cm, long hair is the ideal solution. Conversely, if the distance is less than 5.5 cm, then short hair is for you. Simple, practical and effective, this tip from TikTok will keep you from going back and forth between long and short cuts.

But why is it called the 5.5 cm rule? It's simple: if the distance measured in the last step is less than 5.5 cm, the short haircut suits you. If it is more than 5.5cm, longer hair is more suitable for you.

Original article on VOGUE Italia, insight on VANITYFAIR. Consult with Daniele Montariello at his salon and find, with his advice, the best solution for your face, playing with ACLIPHAIR accessories to improve the final effect.



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